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MTC Book of the Month Club

Each month, we will be creating a blog for the Book of the Month where we can contribute our comments, ideas, takeaways & etc. You all have great ideas and we don’t want to miss any of them! Please post these as you read through the book. No need to wait until the meeting to add them. A picture of the book, along with an overview will be posted and comments can be added below it. The link to the blog on the book we covered today is below. Looking forward to hearing from all of you! 


One thought on “MTC Book of the Month Club

  1. Crazy how technology is the blessing, and the curse, of my existence. Which explains why I am both happy and a little concerned(?) that I’m not there to defend/explain the comments.

    How to create “Raving Fans”? This book was a pleasant break from the previous readings in that it was a story that leads an Area Manager through an enlightenment process. The one thing that I didn’t like about it was the lack of conventional chapters. There wasn’t a good place to take a break.

    “Decide what you really want”
    I want to make technology work for me to create raving fans. Unfortunately, I think that all told it is a battle that I am losing. Replicon and Outlook are two examples of the frustration. While it is wonderful what these(and all) technologies have to offer, my vision of what I really want is seen as a vortex of a toilet bowl-flushing into the great beyond.

    “Discover what the customer wants”
    Well here I have some confusion as well. Our customers are twofold and while all should be satisfied with working towards the common end, getting the spiffs to the accounts in a timely fashion, fighting the technology issues mentioned above make it difficult to deliver the vision. AND, the overall process of discovery takes a back seat to the administrative end of delivering what we have already committed to.

    “Deliver the vision plus one”
    I strive to do this, and I think that I do this, but the fight that I have every day with what we have to work with makes it a losing battle.

    Trying to please everyone is impossible and the book did address this fact. This was a light and simplistic read. Thank you. But as you can tell, I have issues. Until I get a handle on technologies that we have to work with the solutions will remain clouded and the end result is the vision gets lost.

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